About Us 

In the early 1990s, while in search of a cure for their own health problems, Jake Brandes and his wife, Maria, started developing Immunall. After trying every type of treatment from conventional medicine to acupuncture and homeopathy with no success, the couple were forced to look at alternative methods.

Slowly, they started to look at health as a whole: the physical, mental and biological stress they were exposed to, their consumption, workloads, exercise levels, sleep patterns and how much rest they were getting. Soon after, they discovered that the body’s response to stress is to produce toxins, which can have an adverse effect on health. After much research, they started working on a herbal remedy that would help cleanse the entire body: digestive system, liver, kidneys, immune system and the brain.

Maria and Jake selected ancient herbs renowned for their healing properties for centuries, which have no known side effects. At the time, they had no idea that a natural product could be so enormously powerful. However, the combination they developed was so effective that they decided to patent the formula in 1999.

After restoring their own health, the couple tried it on their dog, which was dying from complications after a kick from a horse. He lived a further six years. Next, they treated their chickens and rescue horses.

The Brandes family moved from the Netherlands to the UK in 2000, making their first sale of Immunall to racehorse trainer John Mackie.

Nowadays, Immunall and its sister product After Ace are manufactured in Norfolk under close supervision by the Brandes family, who now have five children. The herbs used in the products are certified from a GMP company and farmed from sustainable sources. At no point in time during production process is anything rushed: the herb extraction process takes between three and six months.

Since then, Immunall has found its place on the international market, being exported across the globe: to the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

The Brandes family hope to continue to grow national and international recognition for their products, which they believe offer the horse world a natural, centuries-old alternative to conventional drugs.


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